Winter Makeup Picks & Shopping Ideas!

The holidays are such a wonderful time of year and they definitely put makeup purchasing into an uptick! A few of my latest favorites include Cover Girl’s Clump Crusher mascara and Tarte’s new Smoldereyes liner set. For more, check out my latest video for a few of my latest recommendations and shopping ideas!

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December 11, 2012 · 10:28 AM

One response to “Winter Makeup Picks & Shopping Ideas!

  1. Hello Ms. Ashley, you do a great job on reviewing products. I am especially liking that you review foundations and you comment on the products in regards to oily skin. I have a very oily complection and it seems to me that most products and reviews focus on dry skin issues and how moisturizing the products are. Thank you for the helpful product info; I’m going to try the products you reviewed. If you ever quit your day job I think you would make a perfect TV Shopping Chanel host or cosmetic rep. that represents and demos the products on the Shopping Chanels. Happy New Year.

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