Hollywood Fashion Secrets – Tips and Tricks

I was recently contacted by Hollywood Fashion Secrets to try some of their ‘invisible fashion tricks’ – those little secret items that keep our clothes looking and fitting fabulous! While they sent me a few things to try, I wanted to share some information about two items that are particularly useful during the winter season!

Boot Straps – $11.99

Have you ever had issues with your socks slinking off your foot or your jeans bunching around your knees while wearing tall boots? With Fashion Secrets’ Boot Straps these problems are eliminated!  The little elastic cuffs with velvco help keep your socks and jeans in place.

Sweater Saver – $5.99

Remove unsightly pilling from your favorite sweater with the Sweater Saver! This little pumice-like stone gently scrapes away pilling to keep your winter sweaters, scarfs and hats looking brand new!

To see what other items Hollywood Fashion Secrets shared with me check out the video below.

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