Review: Sigma Mrs. Bunny Essential Brush Set

I recently purchased Sigma Beauty’s Mrs. Bunny Essential Brush Kit. This kit contains the same 12 brushes included in Sigma’s previous Essential Brush Kits however unlike their other kits, the Mrs. Bunny brushes are made with the same synthetic filaments as Sigma’s HD Sigmax brushes – making this Sigma’s first ever vegan brush kit. Being a big fan of Sigma’s Sigmax brushes, I knew I had to give these a try !

My favorite thing about these brushes is that they are 100% shed-free! My ultimate pet peeve about makeup brushes is when they shed – there’s nothing worse than picking hairs off your face after doing your makeup! Shedding is something I’ve experienced with most every natural fiber brush I’ve ever used (including Sigma brushes), however I’m happy to report I haven’t experienced any shedding with the Mrs. Bunny brushes!

When I first purchased the kit I worried the synthetic brushes wouldn’t perform as well as the natural fibered brushes however I’ve found they deposit and blend color as well or better than any natural fibered brushes I’ve ever used. I also love these brushes because they are so versatile – many of the synthetic eye brushes in this kit can also be used to deposit and blend cream, liquid or powder products on the face such as liquid highlighter, under eye concealer, creme blush, creme eye shadows and more!

At $109 each brush is costing you about $9 – plus I love the convenient travel case that can also be used to hold brushes on your cosmetic table. This kit includes all the eye and face brushes needed to create  various makeup looks and I would highly recommend checking it out! The Mrs. Bunny brushes kit also come in black and can be purchased at

To see the individual brushes, check out my video below:

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