Tip: Eyeshadow As Highlighter

Ever feel like your everyday highlighter isn’t giving you that extra pop you’re looking for? Try using eyeshadow as highlighter! Often, eye shadows are created using more concentrated pigments, which means the color will come off more dramatic on your skin. This is perfect if you’re looking for a highlighter of a particular tone as well – for example, peach, pink or gold.

Tonight, I was hoping to add a golden glow to my cheek bones and my campaign colored Physicians Formula highlighter wasn’t doing the trick. I reached for Urban Decay’s Half Baked eye shadow, dabbed a bit onto a large fluffy eyeshadow brush and swirled it around my cheekbones. The key here is to use a small precise brush so eye shadow pigment won’t travel over to other parts of your face. And remember, only use a little bit you can always add more! See below for a picture of my golden glow.

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