Current Hair Obsession: Macadamia Oil

My new favorite hair product is the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment. I’ll admit I jumped on the hair oil bandwagon a bit late, and I still can’t bring myself to spend $40 on a bottle of oil, but Macadamia oil is a cheaper alternative to the more popular Moroccan oil. Unlike Moroccan Oil, which is made of Argan Oil and silicones, Macadamia Oil is made of both Argan and Macadamia oil (and silicones) and is a bit more affordable. My 1 fl oz size of Macadamia oil retailed for $13 at Ulta, while .85 fl oz of Moroccan oil retails for about $16.00.

Macadamia Oil has helped cut my blow dry time in half while adding shine and controlling frizz. The oil can be applied on damp hair before blow drying or used as a finishing product to add shine and diminish flyaways. I particularly enjoy adding a little Macadamia to my palms after my blow dry and working it through the ends of my hair, then going through with a straightener. The oil really helps smooth the hair and lock in shine!

What hair oils have you tried?


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2 responses to “Current Hair Obsession: Macadamia Oil

  1. I finally found the oil treatment on an english website and I’m so fan of this product now ! even if it’s difficult to find it in France, but love it !

    Thank you !


  2. joy

    i want some of your products as sample to my friends and customers .

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