Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation

I wore Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation in a recent video, and I received a flood of requests for a review on this foundation. The foundation is designed to be the light weight version of Estee Lauder’s ever-popular Double Wear Foundation. Unlike the traditional Double Wear Foundation, the Double Wear Light comes in a plastic squeeze tube. The foundation comes in six different shades called intensity levels, but does not come in a variety of undertones. In my experience, most of the shades tend to have a neutral to yellow undertone.

This foundation is known for having light-medium coverage and a staying power of 15 hours. It also has a lightweight feel and is good for taking photographs (unlike the traditional Double Wear that reflects the flash and gives a “white face” appearance). The foundation is also oil-free and good for hot/humid environments as it won’t slip or sweat off throughout the day.

I really like this foundation because it provides less coverage than the traditional Double Wear, yet still provides enough coverage to even out the skin tone and conceal minor flaws. Double Wear Light IS NOT comparable to a tinted moisturizer, as its definitely provides a good amount of coverage. I also prefer it to Lancome Teint Idole Fresh Wear (another light and long wear foundation marketed to oily skin types) because the high alcohol content of the fresh wear made my skin super dry (which is a rarity)!

My only gripe with this foundation is the color selection. As someone with a neutral to cool undertone, I’ve found it difficult to find a perfect color match. Intensity #2 suits my skin tone fairly well, but is slightly too yellow toned, and Intensity #1 is a little too fair for me. I wish they’d make this foundation in more shades. Also, I don’t think it lasts as long as the traditional Double Wear Foundation, but that is to be expected because the coverage is less.

Overall I’d definitely recommend checking out this product. Its a unique product in that it is long wearing, yet provides light to medium coverage. This kind of foundation is is difficult to find as most long wear foundations are very full coverage. I find the Double Wear Light is more wearable and suits a variety of skin types. Plus, its a bonus that it works with flash photography!


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3 responses to “Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation

  1. Hi there Ashley, sorry about the random blog comment but hope you don’t mind me saying(I watch you’re you-tube video’s) that you’re neck is lighter than you’re face is and I was just thinking that maybe you are a lighter shade in foundation other than light/medium, I think you are fairly fair, but it might be the lighting in the room you go in when filming as I noticed that the lighting you have in the room is shadowing you’re skin so it’s hard to tell what shade you are. (:

  2. hello have you tried Clarins Everlasting Foundation? i´ve heard good comments about it… thanks for your help!

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