Revlon Soft and Smooth Lip Color

I’ve been discovering some amazing products lately, including their Soft and Smooth long wearing lip color. I’m not sure how long this formula has been in stores, but I just spotted it this week at Meijer, and I was curious to try this long wearing formula. I’m not a fan of Revlon’s traditional Super Lustrous lipstick formula, because I don’t find them creamy or long wearing enough, something these Soft and Smooth lipsticks DO have going for them.

The Revlon Soft and Smooth Lip Colors are definitely a long wearing formula. They aren’t transfer resistant, but I wore them for several hours without fading. Even after eating a drinking, my lips still had color on them (although it had faded slightly). Another thing I really like about these lipsticks is that they aren’t drying! Many long wear lip colors, such as Mac’s Pro Longwear Lip Color and Revlon’s Liquid Lipstick, are extremely drying and make the lips crack and peel. I didn’t find this to be the case with the Revlon Soft and Smooth Lip Color.

They are also very pigmented in color, you don’t have to use more than one layer because the color really pops right away. Also, they glide on the lips so smoothly but dry to a matte finish (which I like). If you’re looking for something with a glossy or sheer finish, these lipsticks aren’t for you, however you can top them off with a gloss to add a nice shine.

I picked up two in the colors Creamy Coral and Satin Rosewood. I was hoping to pick up one of the pink shades buy my store was sold out. I’ll be keeping my eyes pealed for those. See below for swatches and images of me wearing them!

Revlon Soft and Smooth Lip Color in Creamy Coral

Revlon Soft and Smooth Lip Color in Satin Rosewood

Top: Satin Rosewood, Botton: Creamy Coral

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  1. Dana

    I never tried Revlon lipstick before, Satin Rosewood looks beautiful , I might try it, both shades look good on you! 🙂

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