Tarte’s NeutralEYES Natural Eye Shadow Palette for Spring 2011

I recently picked up Tarte’s NeutralEYES Natural Eye Shadow Palette that just came out with their Spring 2011 line. The magnetic refillable palette contains 10 full size eye shadows, a dual ended brush, Aqua Eyes liner and deluxe eye primer sample for $44. I was originally drawn to this palette because of its nifty clutch-like design (I also love the colors). It literally looks like a little purse or pocket book! My friend Laurie from Product Girl pointed it out to me in this month’s issue of Redbook and I knew immediately I must have it!

Unlike Tarte’s  TEN palette, most of the shadows in the NeutralEYES palette are matte. Eight of the ten shadows in this palette are matte shadows and two are shimmery. Personally, I enjoy that this palette comes with a number of matte shadows because I think they make for a very polished, professional and natural look. Also, I find its difficult to find high quality matte shadows and the Tarte ones definitely are very pigmented, creamy and blend-able. Most of the shadows are light or medium and can be worn all over the lid or in the crease. The palette comes with three dark liner colors (a dark matte plum, teal and navy). You could try using these on the lid or crease – but I wouldn’t recommend it!

I really enjoy the brush that comes in this palette. I was impressed by the high quality and convenience of having a double ended brush sit nicely in the palette. I found the emphasEYES aqua gel-liner to be a bit too creamy and somewhat difficult to apply, but I generally prefer traditional liners so I may be in the minority here.

Overall, I think the shadows in this palette creates a beautifully soft and natural look for spring. At $44.00 I think this is a great value, and I’d definitely recommend checking this out.

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One response to “Tarte’s NeutralEYES Natural Eye Shadow Palette for Spring 2011

  1. Eli

    The dark shades look really tempting. But I don’t like the packaging – it’s just not my style 🙂

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