Benefit’s NEW Bella Bamba Cheek Powder

Benefit recently released their new Bella Bamba Boxed Cheek Powder. Bella Bamba claims to create the illusion of sculpted cheek bones with its 3D features and watermelon hue. Not only is this the first “3D” innovation from Benefit, but the company has switched up the packaging  a bit adding a flip open lid with mirror and a new and improved tapered blush brush.

While I’m not typically a fan of Benefit’s flat, blunt cut brushes included in their previous boxed powders, the new and improved tapered version applied to the cheeks very nicely. I’d still prefer using an angled face or fluffy blush brush but the new applicator, flip up top and mirror make application much easier during those “gal on the go” moments.

The color of Bella Bamba is divine! Its a highly pigmented watermelon pink with subtle golden shimmer. I enjoy the shimmer in Bella Bamba because it apparent yet not obvious. I think the color of this blush would be universally flattering on anyone from a fair to deep skin tone. In my humble opinion, Bella Bamba is even more universally flattering that NARS’ infamous Orgasm blush. I didn’t notice any “3D” or sculpting effects, but I definitely think this helps bring out the cheeks bones (as most blushes do).

The best part of this blush is that its so highly pigmented. You barely need to use any product at all!  While Bella Bamba comes with only .28 oz of product (far less than the .35oz  or even .42 oz of product that come in the previous Benefit boxed powders) I still feel like it is worth the money because I prefer to use highly pigmented blushes. With Bella Bamba, gone are the days of layering and layering your blush so that it will show up!

Overall I think this is a great blush, and definitely a must have if you’re a fan of Benefit’s boxed blushes. Never tried a Benefit boxed blush before? I’d definitely opt for the Bella Bamba over all others Benefit boxed blushes – its about time Benefit made a super pigmented blush! This product definitely rivals NARS blushes in color payoff, texture and overall quality. I give it two thumbs up!

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One response to “Benefit’s NEW Bella Bamba Cheek Powder

  1. jen

    Thanks for the review I’ve wanted to buy one of benefits boxes for some time now and have thought Of hoola but just never did and I could never figure out what blush, I think now after your January favorites video and this review I’m going to pick this up along with the sigma blush brush. Like you I don’t own just a fluffy blush brush they’re angled or multi purpose. Thanks! Love your site and videos!

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