Farewell Velvet Tuberose :-(

Today I visited Bath and Body works to check out their big sale. To my surprise, I noticed my favorite scent Velvet Tuberose was in the 50% off bin. My surprise quickly turned into dismay as I realized sale bin = discontinued. To be sure my rational was correct I asked the salesperson, “You guys aren’t discontinuing Velvet Tuberose are you?” Sadly, she said that they were indeed.

Luckily I had already stocked up on the body lotion during my Christmas shopping, so I picked up the perfume for 50% off. $13.25 for over three ounces of perfume isn’t too shabby if you ask me! So if you’re a fan of Velvet Tuberose like me, RUN to your local Bath and Body works and see if they have any left in stock. I even checked the website, and its not listed anymore !

My guess is that Bath and Body works will be coming out with a new fragrance very similar to Velvet Tuberose at some point in the near future. Hopefully I’ll like it just as much!


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28 responses to “Farewell Velvet Tuberose :-(

  1. Toni

    They had better make another tuberose scent, because it is very hard to find anything with tuberose in it, and I will become seriously miffed! There used to be this spray I liked you could pick up at department stores that had tuberose, and it smelled really good for being inexpensive, but what I hear is that tuberose oil is getting rare and extremely pricey so alot of companies cannot afford to manufacture that scent and keep the price even with other brands or types that they sell!

  2. blaquerose

    I was shocked as well I was so in love with the scent I had no idea because when I usually buy velvet tuberose I usually buy enough for 3 months I went in today and was simply heartbroken.:(

  3. Ande

    Actually, Kim Kardashians perfume smells Exactly!!!!! Like Velvet Tuberose! It’s your only other option now. I’m extremely disappointed because I didn’t know about the discontinuation until it was too late. Good luck!

  4. Erin

    Unfortunately, I saw this coming back in 2009 when I went to stock up on the Velvet Tuberose hand soaps and they no longer existed. I have 25+ VT items in my closet that I am clinging to for dear life. BBW was very misguided or just plain stupid when they chose to discontinue this because I receive compliments on my perfume all the time, on my morning commute right after I put it on. It is the only scent I have ever loved and have worn exclusively since it was introduced.
    I just wanted to tell you I appreciated your post. =] I am also patiently waiting for something similiar to appear over the next year or so. Before VT I liked Gardenia Lily and I always thought the two were alike but maybe it is just me… When Carried Away came out I was delighted to see that it contained tuberose but I was VERY disappointed when I bought the $1 sample bottle. ARRRGH

    • Yeah I smelled the Carried Away and wasn’t too impressed either – too sweet for my liking. I’ve never tried the Gardenia Lily, but it sounds like something I would LOVE. Gardenia and Lily are two of my favorite floral scents. I really hope B&B will design something similar to VT, not everyone likes the sugary teen like scents!

  5. Judy

    I agree with all the above. I had been asking at my local Bath & Body
    Works, and no one had an answer at all! Now I see it has been continued. Please B&B please bring Velvet Tuberose back! There’s nothing out there like it. Also, it seems each time you have a fragrance I love, it will shortly be discontinued. At the present time there is not one outstanding fragrance in your collection!


  6. Carmen Stewart

    Same for me. Velvet Tuberose was my favorite. I was constantly receiving compliments on my perfume. I, too, found out too late that it was
    discontimued. I wish Bath and Body Works would bring it back.


  7. Diane

    Same here — I was so disappointed when I went to the store recently and discovered that it was discontinued. 😦 I received so many compliments when I wore VT, and I really loved the scent. I had stocked up on the perfume, during a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale but, not knowing that it was discontinued, I gave my LAST bottle to a good friend after she complimented the scent! I’m really hoping they’ll bring it back, but I will check out the KK scent in the meantime!

  8. Toni Thompson

    Hello Fellow VT lovers !!! My fragrance life will never be the same without this fragrance….I’ve found nothing that compares that doesn’t cost an arm & a leg {michael kors}. Have any of you found anything ??


  9. Toni Dill

    Toni, I have resorted to using bath and body works “dark kiss” That and japanese cherry blossom are the only scents I really like. Both of them aren’t exactly a mature fragrance though. I have also resorted to buying my own tuberose essencial oil. It is very pricey, and I mix it with the jergens original lotion sparingly. It isn’t exactly the same, but it works well.

  10. Sherry

    I just found out today. Christmas of 09 my mom got me a set with the lotion, body spray, shower lotion, and other yummy stuff and fell in LOVE with it. Spray ran out first of course….used it all over my room to keep it smelling nice while we couldn’t open the windows, and I have almost half of my body lotion and shower lotion left because I use them very VERY lightly. I’m glad I saved what I did…my mom told me today there wasn’t any left when I asked her to pick me up a new spray so now I have to go scent shopping again. Thing is I wanna choose something that is gonna stay around for a while (and one that would help attract a man wouldn’t hurt either, lol)

  11. Twisted Angel

    really sad they discontinue such a popular scent. I won’t wear anything but velvet tuberose .. i had NEVER worn perfume before my boyfriend bought me that scent and now that it’s discontinued I won’t be continuing to do business at Bath and Body works.

  12. Velvet Tuberose Lover

    Hello VT Lovers,

    I too am extremely in love with this scent. It is very soft, not overwhelming, and very mature scent. I am not into all of the fruity scents that they have out now. This is the only scent that I have EVER bought from BBW…it is the only scent that mixed well with my by scent. I am completely out and do not know what in the world I am going to do. I think if we could write to the company and explain to them what a big mistake they made and how popular they fragrance is….maybe, just maybe they will re-thing this whole thing. The only other scents that I have tried that are mature and has a very soft scent is Halo & Heavenly from Victoria Secrets. That is all I wear now……

  13. Michele

    I am very disappointed that Bath and Body Works just stops saleing a certain scent just because of new ones coming out. Velvet Tuberose was my favorite and now zI have to do without. They should at least let people know before taking away a scent so people that like it can stock up before it’s gone forever.

  14. Sabrina

    I love that perfume too and cannot seem to find it any where. Now I know why. Which location did you see it at b/c I need to go get some before its gone?

  15. Elle

    Just came from BBW: to my surprise finding that this scent was discontinued!! I called the store dumbasses for doing that to such an exquisite smell!!! Ughh.. How did I live 2 years without knowing this news ?

  16. Beverly

    Hello fellow VT lovers. I just had the day crew at work follow me to my office to ask what I was wearing (there ya go, Sherry LOL) . So glad I’ve been stingy with using it so I’ll have it around for a while yet πŸ™‚ @ Toni.. I agree..the Japanese cherry blossom’s the only other scent I like (and I saw a bunch of THAT in the clearance bins last time I was there after Christmas..so be prepared to say buh-bye to that one, too 😦 ) . Could definitely do without all of the gag-worthy, headache inducing fruity scents BBW has decided to focus on.

  17. Bridget Lane

    I happened to get 2 bottles of this one Christmas and no longer get to wear it because of my allergies. I gave one bottle to my daughter and now I want to sell my second unopened BRAND NEW box. It’s the Signature Collection COUTURE Limited Edition No. 3 Velvet Tuberose 3.4 FL. OZ / 100 ML….. I Googled it in hopes of finding what I should price it at and found your blog. Is anyone here interested in purchasing this from me? I will gladly send you a photo before hand so you can see if it’s the one you like! πŸ™‚ THanks~

  18. Kay

    WHY, WHY, WHY??? I am distraught! This was my favourte scent.

  19. Bummed here too! I just used the last of my Velvet Tuberose hand soap.

  20. Brie

    Velvet Tuberose is coming back in lotion and shower gel for a limited time only, starting June 13 during the semi-annual sale! Stock up!

  21. kris botner

    I know this post is old but has anyone found a close 2nd to velvet tuberose from bath and body works …im on the search please let me know if you have found a perfume that smells like this or body spray PLEASE..ebay has some but the are asking crazy prices and I cant bare to spend $100 for a $20 bottle ya know..thanks…or if anyone has some for sale for a reasonable price let me know..gosh how I love this scent I only have one bottle of body spray left and im freaking out to say the least..this was the only B&BW scent that stays on my skin (and it smelled so fresh and GREAT) all the new scents fade within 10 minutes plus there is nothing but candy scents now!!!
    Has anyone tried the estee lauder tuberose scent? or the Gucci flora tuberose? come on girl I know there has to be something out there!!!!

  22. Drowe

    BBW has a BAD habit of discontinuing the good stuff. I, for one, do not like the heavy, strong scents. They got rid of Velvet Tuberose, Sheer Freesia, Honeysuckle and my favorite, Peony. I quit shopping there.

  23. Cat

    This was my favorite sent, I was so devastated hen I found out.

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