New Product: Clinique Chubby Sticks

New to Clinique this January is their Chubby Sticks! These chubby stick lip balms are designed to be super-nourishing and natural. The formula is loaded with mango and shea butters to help condition dry, delicate lips. They come in eight natural-looking lip tints in all, each with a subtle sheen.

I picked up two Clinique Chubby Sticks in Chubby Cherry and Mega Melon today and I’m loving them so far! The glossy formula makes my lips feel super smooth and the colors are surprisingly pigmented yet sheer at the same time. You can definitely layer the product to create a more or less intense color.

The Clinique Chubby Sticks retail for $15 and are surprisingly comparable to Tarte’s Lipsurgence Lip Stains, however the Chubby Stick don’t claim to “stain” or have long lasting color. If you’ve been interested in trying the Tarte Stains but didn’t want to shell out the $24.00 for those, I’d definitely check these out! At $15 these are definitely worth the money!

To view swatches on the colors I picked up and to see me wearing the color Chubby Cherry, check out my video below.

** As a side note, I’m not sure why these are advertised with Jello Jigglers. Come on Clinique, really? I think someone in the art department was hungry. . .


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5 responses to “New Product: Clinique Chubby Sticks

  1. Manna

    Hi! Just discovered your blog and I’m absolutely loving it. Especially the videos are great! It’s just sad that they don’t sell here all the products you have introduced in reviews and tips (I’m living in Finland). Take care and keep on going!

    • Hi Manna! Thanks so much for reading. I’m glad you discovered my blog and that you still watch my videos despite many of the products being different. I’m always astonished to learn I have international viewers/readers. Take care and happy new year!

  2. Jules

    Just found your site. Loving it!!

  3. Sue

    Nice blog. Good job. You are very well spoken. Going to check out the chubby sticks in a store tomorrow. Thanks for the info. đŸ™‚

  4. Johna63

    It is also possible that Zynga’s chosen advertising network is to blame if we fdcggfeekaae

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