NEW: Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation

As I was reading the Beauty Biz issue of Woman’s Wear Daily the other day, I couldn’t help but notice an article that mentioned Maybellines new Fit Me line. The line is designed to provide hassle free foundation color matching to women with accompanying pressed powder, concealer, blush and bronzer shades. The idea is once you find your perfect foundation match, you can find all your other shades as well.

Lucky for me, I came across the display at Walgreens a few days after seeing it in the magazine and couldn’t help but pick up the foundation. The foundation itself if priced around $7.00, but Maybelline was having a buy one get one 50% off, so I picked it up in color 130 along with my favorite Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse foundation.

Watch my video review below, or keep reading for the full review!

Initial Reactions

I’ve only worn the product for one day but I already have some initial reactions to share. The consistency is very light weight with light to medium coverage. I wouldn’t consider this foundation to have buildable coverage- I tried adding an extra layer to my chin and cheek area but it offered little extra coverage. Surprisingly, the foundation didn’t get cakey when packed on. This is great because it makes the product fool proof! No matter how you apply it, it will provide an extremely natural finish (almost similar to a tinted moisturizer but better).

Many reviewers have mentioned that this product gets oily after a few hours and isn’t very long wearing. I haven’t had a problem with the foundation making my skin oily, but it does have a very satin, or dewy finish. Some women love this look and others despise it, so oily skinned ladies beware! Even when set with a mattifying powder this foundation will have a natural/satiny glow, so if you don’t like this kind a finish I’d steer clear.

As for longevity (the product doesn’t claim to be long wearing), I’d have to agree with other reviewers that this foundation doesn’t provide lasting coverage. I wore the product for about four hours tonight, and I could already tell the product was dissipating, or as I like to say “evaporating” from the skin. My skin still looked good, but it just didn’t look like I was wearing much makeup.

High End Comparison?

This foundation reminded me of Lancome’s Teint Miracle in coverage and consistency. Both of these foundations offer light-medium coverage and have a very thin, liquidy consistency. Also, both are water based formulas with less powder in them so they let your natural skin shine through.

The Verdict

For $7.00 I think this is a good foundation for those looking for something to balance out their skin tone and hide minor imperfections. Paired with a good concealer, this foundation could provide a very healthy, radiant look. Also, I loved that the drugstore display provided small samples of the foundation. This made color matching extremely easy!

For those that enjoy the “no-foundation”, natural look, I’d give this a try. I’d especially recommend this to women with dry skin. If you have combination skin, I’d suggest trying this during the winter months when your skin is more dry. If you have oily skin, I wouldn’t recommend this product. I also wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone looking for a foundation to last longer than 5-8 hours without touch up.


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4 responses to “NEW: Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation

  1. Maria Porto

    I’ve tried the foundation and I think it is amazing! I love Maybelline products and I have many for daily use. The Fit is very light and gives the skin a perfect tone without looking fake. It is soft and my skin looks flawless. Yes I don’t have blemishes or acne and I have dry skin. I have little redness around my nose and dryness. I wore it after my regular moisturizer and it worked to even my skin tone. I wore it for a few hours and it is doesn’t last long but I still like it because after a few hours the skin still looks soft and natural as you were wearing anything. I loved it! You can already buy it at Wallmart for $6.58 (plus tax).

    • Sounds like this is the perfect foundation for your skin type! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so much. I’d have to agree its very natural looking and super affordable. Its not my favorite foundation because my skin is a bit more oily and I like my foundations to last a really long time, but overall I think its a good foundation for the right person. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Caitlyn D.

    Thanks for mentioning how it does on oily skin! My skin is super oily, and while I’ve been tempted to try Maybelline’s latest product, reading your review has convinced me to find something else.

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