Looking for a glimpse into my foundation collection?

Knowing that I’m a foundation junkie, many of my subscribers on YouTube requested a that I film a foundation collection video. This video was somewhat dreaded for me to film, because I’m exposing my addiction to foundation to the world via internet, but what the heck!

If you’re looking to get a glimpse into my foundation collection, check out the videos below. Part one includes all my liquid foundations and part two includes powder, cream and mineral foundations!


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3 responses to “Looking for a glimpse into my foundation collection?

  1. Nicole

    I love your videos! A school dance is coming up and I don’t know what to do for makeup. I was wondering if you could do a makeup tutorial please!!! Thanks!

  2. Andrea

    You’ve turned me onto foundation! I’m loving the Superbalance by Clinique but the girl at the counter didn’t match me right – what colour do you use? I’m NC-20. Also, what brand do you use for loose powder? Seems like the drug store brands are mainly the mineral foundation powders. I’m looking for just something to set my foundation.

    • I believe I wear color Neutral in the Super Balanced. I would recommend the Almay Nearly Naked loose powder for DS, but I’ve recently been loving the Mary Kay loose power as well. It has a bit more coverage than the Almay and is a bit more matte. If you like more of a natural finish and are looking for less coverage I’d opt for Almay. Hope this helps!

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