Scents: My Picks for Fall and Winter

Now that is nearing the end of October, I’m officially in “fall” mode. With that, I’ve been mixing up my choice of fragrances to adjust to the fall weather. I tend to reach for musky, warm and spicy scents for fall. Here are my picks for fall/winter scents!

1. Sensuous Amber by Bath and Body Works

This warm scent contains lotus, amber, plum and sandalwood. Unlike some scents, this one has lots of different notes so it lasts a long time and reveals different depths throughout the day. Somewhat unisex, this scent won’t offend the nostrils for being to fruity, sweet or flat.

2. Velvet Tuberose by Bath and Body Works

This warm and oriental floral scent contains floral spice, white tuberose, ylang ylang, Indian Jasmine and Orchid. This scent is by far one of the stronger B&B scents for a long lasting effect. Extremely seductive and perfect for winter and fall!

3. Black Amethyst by Bath and Body Works

This subtle floral scent contains Italian bergamont, Camellias and sandalwood for a less in-your face aroma than that of Velvet Tuberose or Sensuous Amber but still a nice warm, floral scents. This one layers really well with #4.

4. Marc Jacobs Lola

This perfume contains peony, rose, grapefruit, pear, vanilla, musk and tonka bean for a multi-layered sensation! This perfume starts out light and fruity but changes throughout the day to reveal deeper notes of vanilla and musk. It pairs very nicely with Black Amethyst lotion.

5. Bold and Playful (Limited Edition), PINK with a splash line, Victoria’s Secret

This limited edition scent for Fall/Winter 2010 contains waterlily and amber to reveal and bold yet playful floral scent. Extremely warm and toasty, this fragrance is a perfect holiday gift. Not to mention, the packaging is adorable!

I hope you all enjoyed my fragrance picks for fall and winter. I encourage you to check some of these out, and potentially purchase some as holiday gifts! Everyone always loves a new scents, especially with the change of seasons. Have you ever tried any of these scents? What is your favorite winter/fall scent?

Watch my video on my favorite fall scents here!

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