Looking for a great way to apply cream blush?

If you’re like me, you absolutely LOVE cream blush. Cream blush has a beautiful natural, dewy finish that seems to radiate from within the skin. While cream blush creates a beautiful look, its can be tricky to apply without the right tools. My recommendation? Purchase the SS188 (now known as the F55) from Sigma Beauty.

Check out my review video of the SS188, along with my how to apply cream blush video and you’ll be lookin’ fresh faced in no time!


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2 responses to “Looking for a great way to apply cream blush?

  1. Great post! I love that glowy look.

    A couple of things that might be helpful. I purchased Sigma’s brushes and they do have a version of the MAC 187 which is the F15.

    Another cool thing is that I had the same exact problem with the dye of the brushes and I contacted Sigma and they gave me a cool household tip which is basically to soak the dyed brushes in vinegar for about 15 minutes. Wash them like you do regularly and they’ll never bleed again which is definitely nice.

    I’m a new subscriber. Really liking your honest reviews.

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