Lip Stain, Yay or Nay?

It seems lip stains are all the rage this summer! I’ve read countless blog posts and magazine articles on their ability to withstand heat, sweat, eating, make-out sessions and everything else. As a person with fairly dry lips, I was somewhat hesitant to try lip stains again after my first bad experience. It was a mess to say the least- – the color I chose was way too bright, the stain dried out my lips and made them look splotchy. Despite my first failed encounter, I decided to give lip stains another try this summer.

So I purchased the Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stain and the Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Stain and decided to review them for you guys!

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Stain

Color: Anticipating that the color would come out darker than indicated, I bought this  in the color “In The Buff”, the lightest offered in the collection. While the packaging made it look like a nude pale pink, when applied on to the lips it resembled a bright strawberry pink color. The color itself is very nice. If you’re like me and don’t want your lips to jump out at people, go for a lighter shade like “In The Buff”. It will end up looking darker than you expect.

Smell: Smelled of strawberries. Didn’t bother me but some people don’t like scented lip products.

Packaging: Fairly appealing packaging. I don’t really like that there is a sticker on it, but the color indicated cap and tip is nice.

Longevity: This product did not last very long. I applied in the morning and by lunch time it was almost all gone. I thought the whole point of lip stains were that you didn’t have to re-apply?

Price: $6.99

Misc: Luckily, I didn’t find this product to be drying at all. Overall it looked very natural on my lips. I think it would look even prettier with a chap stick, lip balm or gloss over it however that sort of defeats the purpose of wearing a lip stain to begin with.

Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stain

Color: I bought this lip stain in color Coy Coral. I was expecting it to be a bright coral color, however on the lips it resembled a vampire red. Over time this red fades to a mauvey purple.

Smell: Had no apparent smell but tasted like cough syrup.

Packaging: Very cute! Like this packaging better than the Maybelline because there is no sticker on the outside. Only problem is the color isn’t written on the packaging anywhere, which makes it hard to remember which color you bought.

Longevity: This formula seemed to last a little longer than the Maybelline, but still not long enough in my opinion. This stain doesn’t last more than 4 hours, especially if you are eating or drinking.

Price: $8.69

Misc: I found this lip stain to be very drying.  It also accentuated any dry patches on the lips by absorbing more color pigment. Also, overall I’m annoyed that every Cover Girl lip stain I try ends up looking red on my lips. I probably wouldn’t re-purchase this color.

Overall: Yay or Nay?

Lip stain is a nice idea, but sometimes it seems more trouble than its worth! If you don’t like the look of a matte lip, or if you have dry lips, then these products probably aren’t for you! If you like the look of a bright matte lip, or if you are looking for an alternative to lip liner than you should give these lip stains a try!

For me, I may buy one more Maybelline lip stain (its cheaper and didn’t dry out my lips) in a different color family to see if I like the look of a different color, but in general lip stains won’t be high on my list of “things to buy” this summer.

For more, watch my video:


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2 responses to “Lip Stain, Yay or Nay?

  1. Thanks for the review! The video was especially helpful! Do you have any before and after pics of the In the Buff one? I really just want a super natural stain, and was wondering if you can post some pics! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the review….try Revlon Bitten and Maybeline stain gloss, I have dry lips and they both seemed to work well.

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