Coastal Scents Brush Reviews

The Black Synthetic Foundation Brush from Coastal Scents

I recently purchased some affordable brushes from For those of you who are unfamiliar with Coastal Scents, it is a wholesale website that sells various makeup products. Coastal Scents products are not available in stores, only online.

The Italian Badger Angle Brush from Coastal Scents

I had seen some reviews of these brushes and was very intrigued! For under $10 (including shipping), how could I say no? I bought the Black Synthetic Foundation Brush and the Italian Badger Angled Brush. I’ve really been enjoying both of these brushes so far and have been really surprised by the high quality and low price.

Black Synthetic Foundation

The Black Synthetic Foundation Brush is great for buffing out liquid foundations, but doesn’t work so well on thicker consistency or cream to powder foundations. It reminds me of a mini version of my Sephora #55 Airbrush. It does a great job blending liquid foundations into the skin for a flawless finish. I also love the sleek look of the handle being a glossy black!

Angled Italian Badger

The Italian Badger Angle Brush is great for contour, highlight or precise blush application. This brush is super universal! I’ve also enjoyed using it with my Chanel Soleil de Tan bronzer. It a great brush for getting into small areas of a multi-toned blush like the Clinique’s Fresh Bloom Allover face color. This brush has natural fibers, so it has the potential to get a little scratchy if you don’t use a moisturizing brush cleaner.

Overall I’m really impressed with these brushes! Great quality with minimal shedding and no dye coming out while washing. I definitely think you should check these two out!

To view my long-form review of these products watch my video review:

For more information on these brushes, visit

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