Hot Roller Update

Me playing with my hot rollers!

Hey everyone! As promised I’ve been experimenting with hot rollers this week. After purchasing a set of rollers that were too large for my shoulder length hair, I caved and bough another set (and returned the big ones). I settled on this set from Remington with heated clips and I’ve been absolutely loving them so far. Surprisingly they got some pretty bad reviews on Amazon, but I’ve had a lot of success with them.

This is what my Remmington set looks like

The set comes with 20 rollers total, twelve 1.25″ rollers and eight 1″ inch rollers. They heat up really quickly and get hot enough to achieve a nice curl. Unlike many other sets, the Remington set comes with 20 rollers whereas many sets only come with 12. So if you have thick hair like I do, you may want to consider buying a set with at least 20 rollers. Even the 20 rollers isn’t quite enough to set my entire head, but its far better than 12. Another nice feature of these rollers are that they come with 20 heated clips. This way the clip heats the outside of the hair, and the roller heats the inside. Other sets like the Conair Instant Heat Rollers (a very popular set right now) come with heated clips but you can only heat three of them at a time. Some reviewers have complained that the heated clips can create dent like marks on the outside of the curl, but I haven’t experienced that at all. I’m guessing something like this would only happen to someone with very thin or fine hair.

Using the Remington hot rollers I achieved this look…

The finished look.

I plan to film a video showing everyone how I did this look soon, but for now I thought I’d update you all on my experimentation and which roller set I settled on.

Watch my review video on the Remington rollers:

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