Using Hot Rollers to Achieve “Pageant Curls”

This weekend I attended the Miss. Illinois pageant. Prior to the experience I had been to a few pageants, but never one of this caliber. The winner of the Miss. Illinois pageant advances on to the Miss. America pageant to compete for the national title. As a skeptic of all things pageantry, I was pretty apprehensive about the evening but agreed to go so I could spend some time with my Grandmother who is a lover of all things Miss. America (note: not a lover of all things Miss. USA. BIG difference). I’m the kind of person who can’t help but be transfixed by TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras, even though I think its sad.

The night ended up being much more enjoyable than I had imagined. While I would never enter a pageant myself, (or my future daughter) the show was fairly entertaining. My main take away from the evening was a new found obsession with PAGEANT CURLS! Oh yes, I said it. Pageant curls.

As soon as the pageant was over, I got home and searched “pageant hair”, “how to use hot rollers” and “hair extensions” all over the Internet until I was satisfied! I haven’t actually used the things since I was a kid- and the idea still sort of makes me chuckle- but I think hot rollers are back! For the past few days I’ve been obsessing about hot rollers, but I’ve yet to buy a set because I’m trying to convince myself I don’t “need” them (Pish posh… I’ve also almost bought a Jessica Simpson phony pony about three times this week but managed to stop myself). The curlers of today are much more advanced than the curlers of yesterday. This is the sort of look they can acheive:

Soft, flowy, pageant-inspired curls!

Here are some of the benefits of using hot rollers:

  • Hot rollers create more soft, natural effect than a curling iron.
  • Hot rollers are less damaging to the hair than a curling iron or flat iron.
  • You can “set um and forget um” (for about 15 min), allowing you to do other things while they cool (makeup, brush your teeth, put contacts in etc.)
  • Curls tend to last a long time (depending on your hair type) and are easy to touch up. Great for 2nd day hair!

Also keep in mind, when purchasing hot rollers be conscious of the size of the rollers. Some sets come with rollers anywhere between 3/4 ” to 2.5″ wide. If your not going to use the small rollers, which achieve a tighter more “Shirley Temple” type look, don’t buy them! Sets like the Conair Instant Heat Jumbo Rollers come in a larger size.

I’m hoping to post a video about how I use hot rollers soon, but until then you tell me…

What are your favorite kind of hot rollers? Do you enjoy using hot rollers to achieve a soft flowing curl?


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4 responses to “Using Hot Rollers to Achieve “Pageant Curls”

  1. Liz

    I’ve always wanted to learn how to use rollers! My hair is so long that every time I’ve tried, it’s been a bust because the heat can’t get to all of my hair.

    Let me know how your trials work out!

  2. most of the time i use hair extensions because i love long hair”.~

  3. some hair extensions fit nicely to the your natural hair while others do not fit easily –`

  4. Susan Hoyt

    What sets have 2.5″ hot rollers?

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