Revlon Colorstay Foundation: My Saving Grace

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. Things have been incredibly busy with college graduation, moving back home, a trip to Arizona and starting a new job.

Now that I’m working 8 hours a day, and commuting back and forth I need my makeup to last all day.  So I’ve been experimenting with a few different foundations to see which lasts the longest. So far, I’ve found my Revlon Colorstay foundation to be my saving grace! It lasts longer than any other foundation I’ve ever tried including Makeup Forever Mat Velvet +.  I wore the colorstay foundation (oily skin formula) today to work and I left with a majority of my makeup in tact with minimal oil spots, which is a rarity for me. It also helps that this foundation is super cheap and available at most drug stores so I don’t have to feel guilty about spending lot of money or “using up” expensive product. In the next few days I’ll be testing out other foundations in my collection such as Clinique’s Superfit Foundation and MAC Studio Fix Fluid to see how they measure up. So stay tuned!

If you are interested in an in dept video review watch the video below!

What is your favorite foundation? What techniques do you use to keep your makeup looking fresh all day?


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4 responses to “Revlon Colorstay Foundation: My Saving Grace

  1. emeraldmakeup

    Hi Ashley! I enjoyed this review, thanks for sharing. I may consider getting this for my kit. Also I was wondering, have you tried Revlon’s Photo Ready finishing powder? I just saw one at a Walmart and wanted to know what you think about this. I almost grabbed it but it was like $12 and I’m not too sure about risking to spend that much yet when I hear that E.L.F. has a like a $3 dupe of MUF’s HD setting powder.

    • Hi there! I’ve never tried the Revlon Photo Ready finishing powder. I haven’t heard many positive reviews on the product, hence why I’ve never purchased before. I would definitely go with the E.L.F. powder!

  2. liz

    Hi 🙂 nice blog and very inspiring.. i’d like to try revlon colorstay foundation, but i have difficulties to find the one that match my skin tone. I’m asian.. basically i have yellow skin allover my body and parts of my face, but i’m also have pink tone especially on my cheeks, chin, and nose..
    so i’ve decided to get the medium beige, which is nearest to the majority of my skin color.. i kinda love it, but i’m still thinking that it doesn’t really match on me, i think because there are pinkish parts and yellow parts on my face.. i’ve tried some other colors as well (nude, sand beige, true beige), but they aren’t better than my medium beige.
    do you have any suggestion to correct my makeup? it’s hard for me to find other color that match better than medium beige..
    thank you very much, and sorry my english is bad

    • Hi Liz, thanks for your comment! I think Revlon Colorstay is difficult to color match for a lot of people! For one, it has medium to full coverage which means it doesn’t exactly blend in with the skin it conceals it! All I can say is to use whatever has been working the best, as it sounds like you’ve experimented with lots of colors already! If you had a foundation that matches your skin perfectly, you can always mix it in with the Colorstay. As for having different colors on your face I have that problem too! I would suggest sticking with the color that is closest to your body, or majority of your face. Yellow tones help cancel out red tones so it sounds like you’ve found a good match! Good luck !

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