Sephora #55 Airbursh

I recently purchased the infamous Sephora #55 Airbrush from Sephora’s Professional brush collection and I have to say, I really like it! I was hesitant to purchase this brush at first because it was kind of expensive at $34. However, after reading and watching wonderful reviews of the brush all over the Internet, my curiosity got the best of me and I caved. So far, the brush has lived up the the hype. Its a synthetic, tapered, densely packed brush designed for use with liquid foundations. It resembles a blush brush, so it many be kind of confusing for those of you who have never used a foundation brush that didn’t resemble a paint brush before! But believe me- this kind of foundation brush is so much more effective than the standard “paint brush” looking type (like the MAC 190). It works to diffuse the foundation and blend it into the skin for a flawless, streak-free finish.

In my video review (below), I compare this brush to the ever-popular MAC 187 and 190 foundation brushes. I own both, and I have to say I like this one better! In my opinion, the MAC 187 doesn’t blend the product out as well. I prefer to use the 187 with highly pigmented blushes or high lighters, and the MAC 109 is not made of synthetic fibers so it can be damaged with use of liquid foundation. Since I bought this brush I’ve been using the MAC 190 for contouring and its been working fabulously.

The only complaint I have about this brush is that the bristles are pretty long and are therefore somewhat flimsy. This is good for blending out a liquidy product, but not good for thicker consistency foundation such as my lovely Makeup Forever Mat Velvet + foundation.  I think a densely packed flat top kabuki brush like the Everyday Minerals Flat Top Kabuki, or the Sigma SS197 would work better on thicker foundations that take some work to move around the face. I recently ordered the SS197 so I will feature a review on it as soon as I can!

Video review of the Sephora #55 Airbrush here:

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