Product Rumor: Clinique Reformulating SuperFit Liquid Foundation

A few months back I posted a video reviewing Clinique’s Superfit Foundation. At the time, I forgot I had it until I dug it out of the depths of my makeup drawer. Turns out, I really love it! I’m almost finished with my bottle, and I’m planning to repurchase, however when I visited the Clinique website to read some of the reviews, I learned that Clinique had changed the formulation of the product leaving many consumers very unhappy.

The colors shades of the new formula have been said to be about two shades darker and have a very orange undertone. Other consumers noted the new formula has a heavier coverage, yet a more liquid consistency. When I visited the Clinique counter a few days ago, my sales associate told me Clinique is trying to discount or sell off all their “NEW” formulated Superfit makeup, in order to switch back to the original formula.

What I wonder is, why fix something if its not broken? It is clear that Clinique’s original formula was loved by many consumers. Its too bad that Clinique went through all the trouble of marketing and promoting the new formula, which most people ended up disliking. However, I’m happy to hear that the “old” Superfit may be making its way back to a Clinique counter near you.

If you are thinking about purchasing or repurchasing Clinique’s Superfit any time soon, I caution you: Be sure to ask your sales associate which formula you are buying, and double check our color match. It seems within the next few months Clinique will be making the swap, so be sure to know what your getting!

Have you heard any rumors of a switch back to the old formula? If so, leave a comment below.

Watch my review video below:


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4 responses to “Product Rumor: Clinique Reformulating SuperFit Liquid Foundation

  1. goldie

    You are so right. The new formula, which came out over a year ago has been awful. The first time I used it I looked like I had a bad fake tan, and the coverage was different. It wasn’t has natural has it use to be. Like you said, why fix something that isn’t broken. I am very happy to hear that they are bringing back the original formula since I have been having a terrible time trying to find a foundation that even came close to the original Superfit.

    I just got off the phone with Clinique Online and asked to speak to a supervisor. She explained to me that the original formula will be back at the end of November 2010. Yeah!

  2. S. Peters

    I called Dillard’s today and asked if they had gotten their new supply of Superfit makeup and was told that it had been discontinued for good.

  3. Diane

    Superfit was a great foundation! I don’t understand why it was discontinued. The closest thing I have found to it is the Superbalance. I almost hate to fall in love with another Clinique product only to have it discontinued too. I have been using Clinique since the early 80s but am considering changing to another brand since they are constantly changing formulas and discontinuing products that people obviously love. Someone need to change the marketing people to someone who actually listens to and values the opinions of their customers. diane

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