NARS Sheer Glow: Not a miracle product after all?

I was SO excited to purchase NARS Sheer Glow over my Spring Break after hearing glowing reviews from YouTube beauty gurus, and I have to say: I’m unimpressed. Yes, it is a nice foundation. As a matter of fact, I’m wearing it right now! But for all the hype, I really can’t see what is so revolutionary about it. Especially with a $42.00 price tag. I had been told that the formula works well on combination-oily skin, even though its directed for use on normal to dry skin. It seems to work okay, but does leave my face loooking rather shiny.

This product has disappointed quite a few people, as either not being “dewy” enough, or being too “dewy”. For me, its something I could get used to wearing but does leave my face a little shiny by the end of the day. Also, the lasting power is not good. For me, this product typically only lasts between 5-8 hours depending on the primer/setting powder I use. Now I wish I had tried the NARS Sheer Matte instead, but at this point I think I’m done spending $42.00 on a foundation for a while. Plus, not having a Sephora in my area doesn’t help with returns/exchanges.

In all, this product has put me through the ringer! I had a horrific time getting color matched. After a trip to Nordstroms and two trips to Sephora, I think I finally ended up with the right color (sort of). I was so mad after coming home from a long day of shopping, that I HAD to vlog about it. Below you will find my color matching RANT video below and my review/”dupe” video.

What is a “dupe” you ask? Its when you find a cheaper alternative to a product that is practically the same thing. In this case, the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation is a perfect dupe for NARS Sheer Glow.  At $12.00 from the drugstore, you really can’t go wrong. Its worth a try!


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2 responses to “NARS Sheer Glow: Not a miracle product after all?

  1. Anything you buy from NARS has a 30 day guarantee. You can’t abuse the policy, but next time buy from them directly at a counter or online, anything that doesn’t work out can be returned:

    I’ve been using NARS for over a decade and I didn’t realize this until recently, having bought many products I was unhappy with and just eaten the price tag. They’re expensive, but they really want to make sure you get what’s right for you.

  2. Xania

    I think you are being just ridiculous!!! I am laughing – literally! Firstly if you’re not wearing makeup to look natural then what are you wearing makeup for?! To look cakey?! And moisturizer has like no SPF in it! Not nearly enough to actually protect you! Everyone knows that… If you actually don’t want wrinkles then wear moisturizer THEN SPF!

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