Skincare Basics: What you need.

In this video, I discuss the basics of skincare.  It is my belief that every daily skincare routine should include a cleaner, exfoliator and moisturizer. Obviously we all have different skin types and specific skincare needs, but the “3-Step” system of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing are universal no matter what brand of skin care products you choose to use.

Things I stress in this video that you should keep in mind when caring for your skin. . .

  • Use a cleanser that will remove your makeup! Make sure to follow up with a second pump of cleanser once your makeup has been removed to clean your skin.
  • Wear an SPF moisturizer during the day! By not wearing SPF in your teens or 20’s you may be doing damage to your skin that may not become visible until later in life. Just because you can’t see the impact of wearing SPF immediately doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear it.
  • Know your skin type and read the labels on products. Don’t buy a product that isn’t formulated for your skin type (oily, dry, sensitive etc).

Also, there are two things I didn’t have time to mention in the video that I think are extremely important.

1) Use an eye makeup remover. A cleanser may not always be strong enough to get your eye makeup off, especially if you are wearing waterproof mascara. Choosing not to use an eye makeup remover may cause clogged hair follicles along the lash line, infection leading to a sty or a thinning of the lashes in general. Not to mention, smudgy, crusty eyes just aren’t attractive! Putting makeup on top of old makeup is never a good idea.

2) Use an eye cream. The under eye area is the most sensitive skin on the face. Its also the thinnest skin, and most susceptible to sun damage. No matter what your concern- wrinkles, bags, darkness- wearing an under eye cream is always a good idea. Everyone likes something a little different. Some enjoy cooling gel creams, and others like rich thick moisture. Moral to the story: anything is better than nothing.

What is your daily skincare routine like? What products do you enjoy using? Leave a comment below!


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  1. Good job. I really like your blog.

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