Spring Break Beauty Essentials

If your lucky (unlike me) you’re probably headed off to some warm place in the next few weeks, or even days, to enjoy a spring break vacation. Friends of mine are traveling to California, South Caroline and Florida while I”ll be braving the cold with the family back home in Chicago, IL. As jealous as I may be, I hope each of you beach beauties to be equipped for your trip. Here are five quick beauty essentials to remember when packing for your trip:

1. Sunscreen

Okay, so maybe this is a no-brainer, but its seriously important! I’m sure some of you have been prepping for weeks, fake-baking in the tanning beds (tisk tisk) but PLEASE don’t forget to protect your skin. You can still get a tan while wearing an SPF. Exposure to UV rays can lead to pre-mature aging, skin cancer, wrinkles and age spots. Why waste money later on wrinkle creams and dark spot removers? Just wear sunscreen. Now.

It important to remember not to use the same sunscreen on your face as you do on your body. Most sunscreens are formulated for the body, not for the face. Using a regular sunscreen on your face may cause breakouts, blemishes and excess oil so be sure to buy something special for your face if your daily moisturizer doesn’t have an SPF in it already.

2. Hair Detangler

I don’t know about you, but when I’m on vacation I rarely do anything to my hair. By day I’m busy laying out poolside, or romping through waves at the beach and by night my hair is a tangled, salty mess! Don’t enjoy combing through tangles? I suggest bringing some hair detangler for these occasions. I personally enjoy Suave’s children’s detangler available at most drug stores.

3. Hair Conditioner

The sun can be drying to your hair, as can the salt water. So don’t forget to pack extra conditioner. You may want to consider a deep conditioner treatment if your going to be there for more than a week. I suggest Redken’s Extreme Conditioner. If you have color-treated hair, consider using a leave in conditioner that will protect your color from UVA and UVB rays that fade the color. I suggest Aveda’s Color Conserve leave in conditioning foam.

4. Tinted Chaptick with SPF

Want a little bit of color on your lips, but don’t want to skip the SPF? Try something like Neutragena’s Moisture Shine Lip Sheers. These lip sheers will keep your lips looking fresh and flirty, without drying or allowing the sun to penetrate.

5. Light foundation with SPF

If you’re a foundation junkie like me, being on vacation doesn’t mean your skipping the foundation all together, but it may influence your product of choice. I recommend going with something light with sheer coverage with an SPF. If you have oily skin, make sure to use something oil free or oil absorbing like Bare Minerals Matte foundation. If you have dry skin, try using a tinted moisturizer.

Do you have a product you love to use when your on vacation? Share with us below in the comment section!


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